how to prevent tattoos from fading

How To Keep Tattoos From Fading? 9 Ways to Save Tattoos

Tattoos can start to fade over time. There are several factors that can cause tattoos to lose color, including sun exposure, age, and skin type.

Here are 9 ways to keep your tattoo from fading:

  • Consult professional and experienced tattoo artists. 
  • Start taking care right after you get a tattoo.
  • Wear protective clothes and products.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Clean your tattoo regularly.
  • Stay hydrated and healthy.
  • Choose the right place for your tattoo.
  • Limit water and chemical exposure.
  • Don’t exfoliate your skin. 

Follow the article to learn more about how to keep tattoos from fading and also find out the reasons for tattoo fading.

Key Takeaways 

  • The tattoos will fade over time, but there are ways to prolong their life span. 
  • Exposing tattoos directly to the sun is one of the key reasons for the tattoos to fade. So, sunscreen is a must for your tattoo.
  • The placement and design of the tattoo also matter. Tattoo should be placed in a place with less exposure to sun and friction. 

Ways To Keep Tattoos From Fading

How to keep tattoos from fading

Tattoos fading is inevitable. Over time tattoos will fade because of various reasons. However, there are some ways to prolong the fading. Here are 9 ways you can keep your tattoos from fading and last longer:

Consult A Professional Tattoo Artist

An experienced and quality tattoo artist knows how to make tattoos last longer. They use quality ink and follow the proper steps to prepare you for the tattoo. 

Moreover, professional artists ensure the tattoo ink is correctly delivered to your skin. This prevents the tattoo from fading faster. They will also guide you right aftercare steps.

Professional Tattoo Artist
Source: Gloss Genius

Start Taking Care Right After Getting The Tattoo

Aftercare is the key to maintaining your tattoo for a long time. So, you should start aftercare from day 1 of getting your tattoo

A new tattoo is like an open wound. So, if you start taking care of it from the start it will heal without leaving any blemishes or scars to the skin. 

If you properly take care of the tattoo from the start, it will reduce any scope of infection or irritation.

Wear Protective Clothes And Products (Moisturizer And Sunscreen)

Exposure to the sun can cause tattoos to fade over time. So, to protect tattoos from fading, it’s important to apply sunscreen before spending time outdoors. Especially, make sure to protect tattoos from the sun in the initial stages of healing. 

Look for a sunscreen with an SPF 15 or above that is water-resistant and provides broad-spectrum protection. However, use an SPF 30 or higher for a fairer skin tone. 

Moisturizing helps keep the skin hydrated, preventing the tattoo ink from becoming brittle and cracked. So, use a fragrance and dye-free moisturizer because chemicals can cause infection and slow the healing process. 

Make sure that you don’t apply sunscreen or moisturizer in a thick layer. Rather apply a thin layer of moisturizer then apply a thin layer of sunscreen. You can apply moisturizer once a day. But if you have to stay out for a long time use sunscreen multiple times. 

A product like Aquaphor Healing Ointment will help to keep your tattoos from fading and ensure that your tattoo looks its best for years to come. There are other products also you can use to keep tattoos from fading. 

Product name Features 
Aquaphor Healing Ointment Good for dry and cracked skin Advanced therapy skin protectant 

Also to protect your tattoo don’t wear tight-fitting clothes. Rather opt for loose clothes whenever you go outside. Moreover, keep your tattoo wrapped with saniderm for at least 3-5 days. This will protect your tattoo from moisture.

how to protect tattoos from fading
Source: Mad Rabbit Tattoo

Avoid Smoking 

Avoid smoking because the nicotine in cigarettes causes the skin to produce less collagen and decreases the body’s ability to heal from injuries. So, they prolong the healing time for the tattoo. 

As a result, smokers are more likely to experience tattoo fading and other types of damage.

Similarly, cigarette chemicals can interact with the ink in tattoos, causing the colors to change over time. So if you want to keep your tattoos looking their best, it’s essential to avoid smoking.

Clean Your Tattoo Regularly

Like any other type of body art, tattoos need to be properly cared for to maintain their appearance.

That means cleaning the Tattoo regularly to prevent the build-up of dirt and debris. And the best way to clean your Tattoo is to use mild, antibacterial soap and warm water. Here is how you can keep your tattoo clean: 

  • Clean the tattoo with antibacterial soap once a day. But wash your new tattoo twice a day for the first couple of weeks. 
  • To clean it, gently rub the soap into the Tattoo, then rinse with warm water. But avoid using hot water, as this can cause the Tattoo to fade.
  • Apply a tattoo brightening product with vitamin E and lavender oil once every day. But avoid creams with bleach or any other harsh chemicals. 
Product name Feature 
Hustle Butter Tattoo AftercareAmazon choice product Can be used for both old and new tattoosNatural vegan ingredients 
  • Avoid using makeup and other chemical products because these will prolong the healing time for the tattoo and cause irritation. 

Along with this, you should also avoid scrubbing the spot, as this can damage the skin.

cleaning the Tattoo regularly
Source: Sorry Mom Shop

Stay Hydrated And Healthy

Drinking plenty of water helps to keep the skin healthy and prevents the ink from drying out. So, one of the most important things you can do to stop a tattoo from fading is to stay hydrated. Moreover, eat a healthy diet to keep your body healthy. 

Choose The Appropriate Placement of Tattoo In Your Body

The location of a tattoo can have a big impact on how well it holds up over time. For example, areas exposed to a lot of sunlight or friction are more likely to cause the ink to fade.

As a result, it’s often best to choose a spot that is relatively hidden, such as the inside of the wrist or the back of the neck. Here are some suggested places for tattoos:

  • Ribs 
  • Torso
  • Upper thigh 
  • Butt
  • Back 
  • Behind the ear or back of the neck if you have long hair
  • Any areas that are less exposed to sunlight 

Avoid getting tattoos on places like hands, wrists, fingers, palms, feet, creased areas like elbows, and any area exposed to direct sunlight. 

However, this isn’t always possible or desirable, so if you choose an exposed area, select a design that is unlikely to lose its shape or color.

Limit Water And Chemical Exposure 

In the early days of getting your tattoo, avoid exposure to water and chemicals. Avoid going swimming in the pool or the ocean because it causes the tattoo to fade. 

Pools contain chemicals such as chlorine which is responsible for irritated skin from color distortion. Moreover, salty ocean water causes the skin to be itchy and scabby. 

Exposure to excessive leads to softening scabs that are formed to protect the tattoo. Thus, the tattoo takes more time to heal. 

Don’t Over-Exfoliate Your Skin

Avoid exfoliating your skin in the first 3 months of your tattoo. Also, avoid products like AHAs and retinol in these initial months. In the initial 3 months, the tattoo is not deep enough within your skin. So, even though exfoliation is good for brightening tattoos, initially it will only cause the tattoo to fade. 

But you can exfoliate and use products like AHAs and retinol after 3 months of the tattoo.

Why Do Tattoos Fade? 

Over time, tattoos will inevitably begin to fade. There are following several reasons for this.

Sun Exposure 

When UV light hits the skin, it breaks down the molecules in the tattoo ink, causing them to disperse and become less concentrated.

This is why it’s so important to protect your Tattoo with sunscreen when you’re out in the sun. 

Moreover, to prevent tattoo fading, sunscreen helps prevent other skin damage, such as sunburns and premature aging.

So, if you’re serious about preserving your tattoo, be sure to slather on sunscreen every time you head outdoors.


The aging process is the most common cause of tattoo fading. As we age, our skin becomes thinner and less elastic. This makes it more difficult for the ink to stay in place and causes the color to fade over time.

Improper Tattoo Aftercare

If you don’t clean and moisturize your Tattoo correctly, it can cause the ink to spread and become blurred. Anyone who has ever gotten a tattoo knows that aftercare is just as crucial as the Tattoo itself.

So if you want your Tattoo to stay looking sharp, follow the aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist and limit your sun exposure.

With proper care, your body art will continue to bring you joy for many years to come.

Here is a day-by-day guide for tattoo aftercare- 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Long Do Tattoos Take To Fade?

The time varies from person to person. While for some people, the tattoo will start to fade after a couple of years, for some, it may take more years. If you get your tattoo in your 20s-30s, then it will fade within your 50s. 

What Tattoo Style Lasts Longer?

Mostly, bold tattoos tend to be more durable than delicate designs. This is because bold lines are less likely to blur over time, and the colors are less likely to fade. Opt for a bold design if you’re looking for a tattoo that will stand the test of time.

Can I Touch Up A Faded Tattoo?

Yes, you can touch up faded tattoos. Depending on the condition of the tattoo, the tattoo artist decides how to touch it up. If the tattoo is too old and worn out then it will require a full revamp. Another way to liven up the tattoo is by adding the background of the tattoo. 

Closing Words

All in all, tattoos are a great way to express yourself, and with the proper care, they can last for years. If you want to keep your tattoos from fading, following these tips is a great place to start.

By keeping your tattoos moisturized and sun-protected, you can avoid fading and keep your body art looking vibrant. Also, remember, placement of ink design on the body is also key.

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