dragonhawk tattoo pen not working

Dragonhawk Tattoo Pen Not Working:[Reasons and Solutions!]

If you’re experiencing issues with your Dragonhawk tattoo pen not working, you’re not alone. It can be frustrating and discouraging, but there are solutions available. Let’s explore them together.

So, why is your Dragonhawk tattoo pen not working?

Your Dragonhawk tattoo pen is not working probably because the power cords are not properly inserted or the power supply is bad. Other possible reasons are broken power supply cord, foot pedal problems and the contact screw not touching the front spring. Oxidized contact points and bad capacitors may also cause this issue with the Dragonhawk tattoo pen. 

In this article I will discuss 7 different reasons that can cause issues with your Dragonhawk tattoo pen and stop it from working.

Why is My Dragonhawk Tattoo Pen Not Working? Quick Fixes

Here are some quick fixes you could try out if your Dragonhawk tattoo pen is not working.

Possible problemPotential Cause Fix 
Power cords not fully inserted into the power supplyFully insert the power chords into the power supply.
Bad power supplyPower surgeReplace the power supply
Broken power supply chordPulling on the wire when inserting or removing.Replace the power supply chord
Foot Pedal ProblemBroken foot pedal or faulty cord Replace the pedal or fix the cord
Contact screw not touching front springContact screw too loose or tightAdjust the tension of the contact screw
Oxidized contact pointsDirty contact pointsClean out the contact points
Bad capacitorOverheating of the capacitorReplace the capacitor

Still confused about why your Dragonhawk tattoo pen is not working? Do not worry. In the next section I have discussed the possible reasons and how to solve them in detail.

Why is My Dragonhawk Tattoo Pen Not Working? Detailed Fixes

dragonhawk tattoo pen stopped working

Power Chords Not Fully Inserted into The Power Supply:

A common reason why your Dragonhawk tattoo pen is not working is that the power chords may not be fully inserted into the external power supply. The chords may get loose over time or could get pulled on when moving around the tattoo pen.


In order to fix this problem simply grab the power chords and gently reinsert them to the power supply. Give a nudge to ensure that the chords are tightly secured in place.

Bad power supply:

Another reason why your Dragonhawk tattoo pen might not be working is a faulty power supply. This may happen due to a power surge or worn off internal components.


If your power supply has gone bad you need to either get it fixed or get a new one. To fix the power supply simply open the unit and check for any detached wiring. If any wiring has come loose simply put it back in its place and tighten it. 

If the power supply still does not work you can either ask a professional to fix it or get a new one. Do not try to fix the external power supply unit if you are not a professional.

Broken power supply cord:

Sometimes the cord that connects the tattoo pen to the power supply can get broken. This happens when you pull on the wire to remove it from the power supply instead of pulling on the plug. It can break the copper wire inside the cord. If you are having frequent problems with the power supply cord you should consider a wireless tattoo pen.


If the power supply cord is bad you need to replace the power cord. But you could also try to fix the cord if getting a new power cord is not an option. Since power cords are relatively cheap and they break so easily you could try keeping a few extra power cords with you.

Foot Pedal Problem:

You may also have a bad foot pedal or a bad cord connecting the foot pedal to the dragonhawk tattoo pen. This can happen if you are not careful when using the foot pedal. Yanking on the foot pedal cord can also break it. 


The most common cause for a bad foot pedal cord is a faulty plug. Screw open the housing of the plug of the foot pedal cord. If any wire has gotten loose simply put it back to its place. 

If the positive and the negative wire are shorted then separate the two wires. Put back the housing and see if the cord works now. Alternatively, you could switch to a wireless Dragonhawk pen like the Dragonhawk Atom and remove the foot pedal altogether.

If the foot pedal is broken then you need to replace it. Foot pedals are relatively cheap. You should always keep a few foot pedals as extra.

Contact screw not touching front spring:

If the contact screw is not touching the front spring your Dragonhawk tattoo pen will stop working. This is because the electricity will not flow without the screw touching spring. You need to adjust the contact screw to make the tattoo pen work again. 


To fix the contact screw not touching the front spring you need to readjust the contact screw. The contact screw is probably turned too far up. Simply turn the contact screw down until it touches the front spring. For further information see this video:

Oxidized contact points:

The contact points of your Dragonhawk Tattoo pen can sometimes get oxidized or too dirty. This will prevent the electricity from passing through the contact screw.


Use some steel wool to clean out the contact points. Clean out the front spring, the contact screw, the clip cords and the connectors of the top and back binding posts. Clean them out at least once every couple of weeks so that your Dragonhawk tattoo pen does not get bogged down. 

Bad capacitor:

If the capacitor in your Dragonhawk tattoo pen goes bad it will stop working. The easiest way to know if the capacitor has gone bad is to simply replace it with a new capacitor. You can also use an entire coil setup for troubleshooting. A bad capacitor can also cause sparking between the front spring and the contact screw.


Simply replace the bad capacitor with a good one. You could also try replacing the entire coil setup. You could see this video if you need help replacing the capacitor of your Dragonhawk tattoo pen:

If replacing the capacitor does not solve the problem you could try getting a better tattoo pen, like the Mast Lancer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why is my tattoo needle not moving?

Your tattoo needle is not moving because the back spring does not have enough tension. To fix this problem simply loosen the spring screw and flip the back armature.then turn the assembly and carefully adjust the tension on the back spring. Then put back the assembly in its original position and tighten it.

How does a foot pedal switch work?

The foot pedal switch works by closing and breaking an electrical circuit. When the foot pedal is compressed the circuit gets closed and electricity flows to the tattoo pen. When the foot is removed the circuit gets opened and the electricity stops flowing which switches off the tattoo pen.

What voltage should I use for a Dragonhawk S2 tattoo pen?

For the Dragonhawk S2 tattoo pen you should use 7 V to 10 V. If you use less voltage than 7 V the tattoo pen will not work. But if you use higher than 10 V your Dragonhawk S2 tattoo pen could get damaged. So ensure that the voltage lies between 7 V to 10 V.


Now you know why your dragonhawk tattoo pen is not working. I expect that I managed to solve all your questions. Hopefully your Dragonhawk tattoo pen is now working correctly. The Dragonhawk tattoo pen is a good pen when considering its price. I hope you did not face much difficulty when reading my article.

That is all for today. Thank you and Goodbye!

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