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6 Ways To Cover Tattoos At Work to Maintain a Polished Look

To cover tattoos at work, wear loose clothes based on the size and location of the tattoo. For arm tattoos, wear a long-sleeved shirt to hide it. Alternatively, try to hide your neck and back tattoos with long hair. Also, for wrist or finger tattoos, wear jewelry accessories like watches. Furthermore, wear long socks or tall boots to hide tattoos on your legs or ankles. Finally, you can cover your existing tattoos with a new one if you prefer. 

That is the short version. To know details about how to cover tattoos at work and other relevant factors, continue reading the whole article.  

Key Takeaways

  • Wear suitable clothes to cover tattoos at work. The type of clothing will depend on the size and location of the tattoo.
  • You can use makeup like concealers and conditions to hide the tattoos when clothing change is not enough. 
  • Based on your employer’s policies and the nature of your job, you will need to adjust the decision to cover your tattoos at work. 

How Can You Cover Tattoos At Work?

How to Cover Tattoos at Work

In a work environment, you often need to abide by certain rules. One of those rules can be to not show your tattoos openly. In that case, you need to cover tattoos at work. Luckily, it is not a very tough thing to do.

By following some effective methods you can comfortably hide your tattoos at work. 

Method 1: Wear Loose Clothes 

Wearing loose clothing is one simple way to cover up a tattoo, depending on the size and location of the ink design. You may be able to conceal it by wearing clothing that is loose or covers the area where the body art is located. 

For example, if you have a tattoo on your arm, you could wear a long-sleeved shirt or jacket to hide it.

Wear Loose Clothes
Source: Dry Stone Shop

And if you have a tattoo on your leg, you could wear loose pants or a skirt that is long enough. Also, wearing loose clothes is important to protect the tattooed skin from irritation during healing. 

Method 2: Hide Neck And Back Tattoos With Long Hairs

There is a plus advantage to having long hair to hide tattoos on the neck and upper back. You can cover your ink design in both locations without using anything. Just ensure you’ve long enough hairs that can reach the tattoo location easily. 

Method 3: Wrap Shawls Or Scarves Around the Neck

If you don’t have long hair, there is another option: hide the ink design part on the neck by wrapping shawls or scarves around the neck.

But make your ink design heal completely; otherwise, it can damage the appearance of the design. Or can cause a tattoo to start itching.  

Method 4: Wear Jewelry 

Wrist and finger tattoos are very popular these days. In fact, they look cute, and their beauty justifies their popularity. Wearing jewelry accessories like rings, watches, or bracelets would be the best option to prevent showing tattoos on these parts of the body.

Whatever you’re wearing, make sure they’re not very tight. So air can easily circulate in the new tattoo, which will help with healing. 

Note that some organizations don’t allow you to wear jewelry during working hours. So, before following this way, check your company’s privacy policy. 

Method 5: Wear Long Socks Or Tall Boots

Wearing long socks or tall boots is a great idea to prevent showing tattoos on the leg, ankle, and calf. Make sure they’re long enough to hide your desired body part and also match your outfit. 

Cover With A New Tattoo

You can cover up an existing tattoo design with a new one. It is an effective method of concealing a tattoo when other methods are not suitable for you. However, the new tattoo should be larger and darker than the original. 

In cases where the initial tattoo is exceptionally dark, laser removal may be suggested to lighten it before applying the new design. Light-colored tattoos generally provide better coverage compared to black ones.

Can You Use Makeup to Cover Your Tattoo at Work?

You can use makeup if you can’t cover your tattoo with clothing, especially in the summer. Many concealers and foundations can hide blemishes and scars, even dark tattoos if they have strong coverage.

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However, taking care of fresh tattoos can be tricky as they can easily get infected. So, wait a couple of weeks before applying makeup to allow your tattoo to heal. 

Make sure you clean your healed tattoo with a fragrance-free cleanser to remove dead skin, oil, and dirt. This helps makeup cover your tattoo properly.

how to cover tattoos for work with makeup
Source: BestProducts

Step-By-Step Process to Apply Makeup

Follow these steps to cover your tattoo with your preferred makeup:

Step 1: Use a makeup sponge or brush to apply concealer to your tattoo.

Step 2: Dab or blot the area with the concealer but don’t rub it.

Step 3: Let it dry; your tattoo will still be visible at this point.

Step 4: Apply foundation using the same technique. Ensure that it matches your skin tone properly.

Step 5: Blend the edges with a few dabs using your fingers.

Step 6: To avoid the tattoo looking glossy and standing out, apply translucent powder.

Step 7: Check if the product has been set in place by touching the area with your fingers.

Can You Use Band-Aid to Cover Your Tattoo at Work?

It’s not ideal to cover a tattoo with a band-aid for work, as this can cause irritation and may not provide sufficient protection or coverage. Band-aids are not designed to be worn for extended periods and may not stay in place or give a smooth, seamless finish.

You can use Bandaids as a last resort to cover your tattoo at work. While it may appear unconventional, a small hand or chest tattoo can be concealed easily by applying a band-aid over it. The same approach can be used to cover any piercings you may have.

Do You Have To Cover Tattoos At Work?

It depends on a number of factors, including your employer’s policies and the nature of your job. Some companies have strict dress codes prohibiting visible tattoos, while others may be more relaxed and allow employees to show off their ink freely.

A 2015 Harris Poll revealed that 29% of Americans aged 18 and older have tattoos. Tattoos have gained mainstream acceptance, but concerns about their visibility in the workplace persist.

To address concerns regarding visible tattoos in the workplace, employers can establish written policies. These policies may require employees to cover visible tattoos when interacting with customers or clients. 

Such appearance policies are generally legal unless they violate anti-discrimination laws like Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

However, employers should know that workplace policies cannot infringe on an employee’s religious beliefs. 

If an employee’s tattoo represents religious expression, Title VII mandates that employers provide a “reasonable accommodation” for these beliefs and practices. In such cases, employers must make exceptions to their standard dress code.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can You Leave Your Tattoo Unwrapped For Work?

It is generally not recommended to leave a new tattoo unwrapped for work, as it will likely still be in the healing process and must be kept clean and protected.

Can You Cover A Tattoo Permanently?

To cover a tattoo permanently, you need to remove it using laser treatment. A local anesthetic is applied for this treatment and the healing process can take about 1-2 weeks. Consult your dermatologist for more information about this procedure.

How Can You Hide A Tattoo For Swimming?

You can use a waterproof dressing, such as Saniderm to hide your tattoo for swimming. Ensure that the dressing fully covers your tattoo. Also, apply the bandage just before you start swimming and then promptly remove it afterward.


Now you know several easy solutions on how to cover tattoos at work. However, which method is best depends on the size and location of the ink design.

For example, wearing long and loose clothes would be a great option if you’ve tattoos on your back and legs.

And wrap shawls or scarves around the neck if body art is on that part of the body. Furthermore, some people like to have ink designs on their hands or fingers. In such a case, you can wear gloves or jewelry to hide.

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