how to make temporary tattoos last long

Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Temporary Tattoo’s Lifespan

To make temporary tattoos last longer, you can use baby powder, face primer, or hairspray. Alternatively, you can also try permanent marker or liquid band-aid. However, make sure you do not use materials that contain harmful ingredients such as silver nitrate or carmine.

This is the short version. To know details on how to make temporary tattoos last longer and other relevant factors, continue reading the full article. 

Key Takeaways

  • Before using materials to make temporary tattoos last longer, take precautionary steps such as cleaning the tattoo application area and shaving the spot if necessary.
  • To make temporary tattoos last longer, you can use materials such as baby powder, face primer, or hairspray.
  • Avoid rubbing the temporary tattoo and applying oily products to extend the longevity of the tattoo.

How Can You Make Temporary Tattoos Last Longer?

How to Make Temporary Tattoos Last Longer

The process of making a temporary tattoo design to stay longer begins before getting it. So here are some preparations you need to make before applying the temporary design on the skin. 

Preparations Before Getting A Temporary Tattoo 

Taking precautions before getting a temporary tattoo increases the chance of better longevity. For example, having a mental plan of where the tattoo should be done on your body makes the aftercare process super easy.

In this section, we deep dive into each of these helpful precautions you should consider before getting a temporary tattoo.

Clean Application Area

Before getting a fake tattoo, dry the skin area properly. And make sure not to apply any makeup and oily products on the spot area. Because these products contain ingredients that are super effective for removing a tattoo.

Shave The Spot

Shave the application area if it has a lot of hair. Otherwise, these hairs will make it hard for ink to get in. In other cases, if you shave the area after getting the ink design, this process will cause the tattoo to fade quickly.

Choose the Best Body Area

To make a temporary tattoo last longer, choose the skin area that is most likely to have less movement and stretching. And the reason for it is, these body parts absorb different substances in your daily routine, which can cause a tattoo to disappear quickly.

Exfoliate Skin Spot Where You Want To Tattoo

Our skin’s top layer usually contains dead cells, which are automatically removed after a certain time. And if you directly place fake tattoo designs on the skin without eliminating dead cells. It is more likely your temporary ink will also flake off.

So it is best to remove dead cells by exfoliating skin. And the most easy way to do this is to use a washcloth or soft bristles.

Best Ways to Make Temporary Tattoo Last Longer

To make temporary tattoos last longer, you can follow several proven ways. In this section, we describe those steps in detail.

make temporary tattoos last longer
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Use Baby Powder 

You can use baby powder to extend the lifespan of a temporary tattoo. This powder helps absorb excess skin oils. For that reason, it is helpful for the longevity of the tattoo.

Use a gentle brush, like a makeup brush, to apply a thin layer of powder to the tattoo. This can be done daily until the temporary tattoo is no longer visible.

Use Face Primer

Typically, face primer serves as a barrier between your skin and foundation. However, when applied for temporary tattoos, it forms a protective layer above the skin. As a result, it secures the tattoo and prolongs its lifespan. 

Rather than applying it before your tattoo, use it after the tattoo has set.

Alternatively, you can use a non-oily makeup fixative, which can partially seal your temporary tattoo. Ensure that the makeup fixative you select does not contain alcohol.

Use Hairspray 

Once the ink dries completely, use hair spray on the application area and seal it. But make sure to apply spray from a distance of 12 to 16 from the area of the temporary design. 

Try A Permanent Marker

If you have a simple design, you can use a permanent marker to go over the design. You can do this when your tattoo begins to fade. 

You can make your tattoo look better by going over it with a fine-tip permanent marker.

Try Liquid Band-Aid

Seal the fake ink design in a liquid band-aid that will help to make the tattoo waterproof and scratch-proof. This will help extend the longevity of the tattoo.

This can be used for any kind of temporary tattoos. However, it works really well with the transfer temporary tattoos as well as the Sharpie tattoos.

How To Make Henna Tattoos Stay Longer?

Henna tattoos work differently from other temporary tattoos. For that reason, you need to pay attention to how you apply it to your skin.

To make henna tattoos stay longer, follow these guidelines:

  1. Maintain the henna paste’s moisture by keeping it wet as long as possible. You can apply a lemon and sugar solution to the paste, which not only helps it adhere to the skin but also keeps it damp. Henna colors the skin as long as it remains wet, which can take up to 12 hours.
  2. While the henna is drying, gently warm the skin using a heater or stove. This helps retain the paste’s moisture, extending the tattoo’s lifespan.
  3. Avoid using black henna, as it contains harmful chemicals and is not derived from natural plants like traditional henna. Black henna is typically approved only for use as a hair dye, and applying it to other body parts may lead to skin allergies, rashes, or related issues.

Things To Avoid To Make Temporary Tattoos Last Longer

To make temporary tattoos last longer, you also need to avoid making some common mistakes. This section provides helpful tips you can follow to extend the life of your temporary tattoos.

Don’t Rub Or Scratch

After transferring the tattoo, avoid rubbing or scratching the temporary design. This ultimately makes sense because rubbing or scratching will damage the appearance of the tattoo. 

Don’t Apply Lotion And Oily Products

As mentioned above, lotion and oil effectively remove the temporary ink. These elements will cause a tattoo to fade quickly. Therefore only apply these ingredients to the application area.

Avoid Wearing Sunscreen Or Other Chemical Products

As you know, temporary ink is not like a permanent tattoo; it’s just like paper ink, which is transferred to the skin. Any slippery thing you will put on it will cause a tattoo to fade. 

Avoid Harmful Ingredients

Be careful while using temporary tattoos such as henna tattoos because sometimes they may contain harmful ingredients. Normally, organic henna consists of dried and crushed henna plant leaves. 

However, there is a type called black henna, which is made from chemical ingredients such as Paraphenylenediamine or PPD. This chemical is not recommended for human skin and is usually permitted in limited quantities. 

Since pre-made henna pastes usually lack ingredient lists, the precise amount of PPD in black henna is unknown. So, you need to be cautious while using henna products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are Temporary Tattoos Okay For Kids?

Yes, temporary tattoos are okay for kids interested in trying out body art without a long-lasting commitment. Most temporary tattoos stay on for a few days to a week and can be effortlessly washed off using soap and water.

How Do You Make A Temporary Tattoo Look Real?

To make a temporary tattoo look real, start by choosing a design that’s appropriate in size and style for the placement on your skin. Next, clean and dry the area where you want to apply the tattoo. Finally, use a temporary tattoo transfer paper and ensure it’s positioned correctly and looks natural on your skin.

Do Temporary Tattoos Wash Off In The Shower?

Temporary tattoo designs are not waterproof. However, they’ll not disappear or fade by taking a shower. So, you can easily take baths while having your favorite design. 


Now you know how to make temporary tattoos last longer. Remember, temporary tattoos typically have a very short lifespan. However, some brands claim their fake designs last longer.

But in reality, they only last for a few days or weeks. Following the effective tips described in this article, you can easily make your temporary tattoos last longer.

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