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How to Fade a Tattoo – 5 Proven Pain-Free Ways

A tattoo is a great way to show identity, personality, emotions, and achievements. Or anything you want to show through your body art.

But later on, due to some valid reasons, you no longer want your art design. And here hard part comes when you want to get rid of unwanted ink designs. Because once it is done, this action is not reversible. And the only solution is to remove it altogether. 

However, professional tattoo removal services like laser will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. And the cost depends on how many tattoo removal sessions are required to remove the ink.

However, other free ways to fade the tattoo at home are less painful and inexpensive. But these methods are slow in nature for removing design, unlike professional service.

But, I will share some proven pain-free ways like lemon, sunlight, and tattoo removal cream to fade a tattoo quickly.

How to Fade a Tattoo

Use Tattoo Removal Cream 

Fading ink through tattoo removal cream is the plainest way. And plenty of lotions or moisturizers are available in the market.

And these lotions include s Spartan Perform Tattoo Destroyer, Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System, and Modao Permanent Removal Cream. You can use any of these to get the desired result. 

However, if you prefer a homemade cream, you can make it at home by mixing two vitamin E capsules, fresh aloe vera, and 1 tbsp of Paderia tomentosa juice.

After mixing them, apply a mixer over the tattoo and gently massage the ink area. Once you’ve finished the job, wash it with warm water.

Lighten a Tattoo Through Sunlight

Always tattoo artists recommend not go to under sunlight after getting fresh ink. Or they encourage you to wear sunscreen as an aftercare instruction.

Because sunlight causes ink color to become vibrant quickly. However, if you want to lighten a tattoo naturally without spending anything, sunlight is the best way.

Just sit under the sunlight for some time in the daytime. And make sure the light is directly coming on your design.

Over time, you will notice the color start fading. But avoid setting for a longer time without protection since the sun’s UV rays are too harmful to the skin.

 Home Remedy to Fade a Tattoo

Remove a Tattoo Through Lemon Juice and Salt

Lemon juice and salt are great natural ingredients to lighten the colour. Lemon contains a property that works as a bleaching agent.

And salt help to fade the design colour by deeply penetrating the skin.  This is most simple and easy to do method to fade a tattoo ink without going for any painful and expensive procedure.

Although, there needs to be scientific evidence of this method’s effectiveness. But still, most tattoo artists recommend it.

Just mix both of these natural ingredients. And then, take a cotton piece and rub lemon and salt mixture with a piece for one hour on the tattoo’s area.

Use a mixture of Four Things

This remedy is going to be very effective in removing unwanted ink designs. To make this remedy, you need four things: honey, yoghurt, salt, and aloe vera.

These four ingredients have natural properties to work effectively together to fade ink color. Now, take all four ingredients and mix them well.

Now, clean the tattoo area with good soap, apply the mixture, and slowly massage it. Applying this method multiple times will slowly remove the tattoo ink.

Apricot and Salt Remedy

Apricot and salt scrub is another excellent natural remedy to remove a tattoo’s colour. Mix apricot and salt and then rub over the application area.

Can you fade a tattoo away?

There are two methods through which you can fade a tattoo away: laser technology or some free ways like sunlight, homemade remedy, and tattoo removal cream.

How can I remove a tattoo at home fast?

There is no fast method to remove or fade ink quickly. However, you can try different methods at home, which will help to lighten the ink colour.

Will lemon juice fade a tattoo?

Yes, lemon juice helps to lighten a tattoo; squeeze lemon juice over the application area three times a day. And after some weeks, you’ll notice the design will start fading. Moreover, you can also add some salt to lemon juice together and make the mixer. Then rub it over the ink area.

How can I speed up my tattoo fading?

Whatever method you’re following, either a professional laser removal service or a homemade remedy for tattoo fading.

You can speed up the process by just improving your way of life, such as eating a healthy diet, sleeping well, improving the immune system, daily workout, staying hydrated, and drinking enough water. 

Does Vaseline fade tattoos?

According to research, Petroleum based products like vaseline help to fade a tattoo. But it’sit’s best to avoid it because it can trap bacteria and other germs in the affected area. 

Can you make a dark tattoo lighter?

Yes, you can make a dark ink lighter.

What naturally removes tattoos?

Use aloe vera, salt, honey, and a yoghurt mixture. And it is the best natural homemade remedy to remove the tattoo at home.

Can you 100% remove the tattoo?

Professional laser tattoo removal service is the only guaranteed way to remove a tattoo 100%.

Can Apple cider vinegar remove a tattoo?

Apple cider vinegar doesn’tdoesn’t have any property which is effective in fading ink.

How can I fade my tattoo without a laser?

There are different ways (which I shared above) to remove a tattoo without costly laser removal service. 

Will hydrogen peroxide fade a tattoo?

No, neither is it effective to fade ink nor is this method recommended. 


Getting rid of unwanted tattoo designs is a long process journey. Although the surgical way is the best and most effective procedure to remove ink completely, it will break your pocket.

However, there are several different methods that can help to fade a tattoo. And these methods include sunlight, tattoo removal cream, and homemade remedies. 

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