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Dragonhawk Atom Rotary Pen Review [Still Worth It in 2023?]

The Dragonhawk Atom rotary pen is a top-quality tattoo machine that offers easy control, power, and versatility at a much more affordable price. 

I’ve always been a big fan of Dragonhawk brands because of their quality products at cheap prices. With its lightweight, ergonomic design and powerful Motor, this rotary tattoo machine is perfect for wide applications. 

This Dragonhawk Atom rotary pen review will give you a complete and honest analysis of why it’s best.  

Key Takeaways

  • Dragonhawk Atom Rotatory Pen is a wireless, powerful, adjustable, low-noise tattoo pen with a long-lasting battery and complete starter kit.
  • Pros for the machine are its lightweight, wireless, affordable tattoo pen with starter kit. But cons are low battery, and needle issues, not for advanced professional art.
  • Top features include a Wireless, ergonomic, lightweight, powerful, versatile tattoo pen with a power supply and adjustable stroke length.

Who Should Get Dragonhawk Atom Rotary Pen?

Be it beginners or professionals, Dragonhawk rotatory pens are comfortable for both. This wireless machine is excellent for professional artists just starting. Also, artists who are looking to explore new rotatory pens can try and use this as well.

Dragonhawk Atom Rotary Pen: Top Specifications

  • Top-quality wireless power supply 
  • 6v to 11v adjustable voltage
  • 1050mAh battery storage capacity
  • 0-4.5mm Needle Protrusion
  • Battery lasts up to 6 hours
  • Maximum freedom movement
  • Low noise and long-lasting tattooing operations
  • 3.5mm adjustable stroke length
  • Perfect for lining and shading
  • Powerful and reliable Motor
  • Wide applications 
  • Complete tattoo starter kit

Pros and Cons of The Dragonhawk Atom Rotary Pen

Now time to discover the advantages and disadvantages of the Dragonhawk Atom Rotary Pen. So, go ahead and learn if you should buy it or avoid buying it.

Pros of buying Dragonhawk Atom Rotatory Pen:

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Wireless rotary tattoo pen
  • Decent quality starter kit
  • Affordable price
  • Perfect for different style tattooing work

Cons of buying Dragonhawk Atom Rotatory Pen:

  • Below average battery timing
  • Some needles does not fit correctly
  • Not good for advanced professional level work

Top Features of Dragonhawk Atom Rotary Pen

Let’s explore the top features of the Dragonhawk Atom Rotary Pen now.

Wireless Mode

Wireless tattooing devices are becoming a popular choice in the tattoo industry and for a good reason. Because the best wireless tattoo machines offer better control and freedom than coil tattooing machines.

With their wireless features, you can freely move the tool around the tattoo area without being tethered to a power outlet. In this way, it gives you more flexibility and control over your tattooing work.

Dragonhawk Atom rotary pen also has wireless functionality, which means you can operate it wirelessly without a cord connection. 

And it comes with a decent quality power supply, which works with wireless mode. You can focus more on clean tattooing work instead of wasting time on wired cables such as coil machines. 

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design is super beneficial in tattoo machines because it helps to reduce hand and wrist fatigue for the tattoo artist. In the end, you can use it more comfortably for long multiple tattooing sessions.

Dragonhawk Atom Rotary Pen Review

The Dragonhawk Atom Tattoo Pen Ki is also designed with ergonomics in mind. This means that the shape and size of the machine have been specifically crafted to fit comfortably in hand. 


This pen-style machine is designed to be lightweight, making it easy to hold and use for extended periods. Its blue metallic body design is well-balanced and lightweight (135g weight), so smooth and easy to use. 

It’s especially the best tattoo machine for beginners to produce great tattooing work.  

Powerful Motor

The Dragonhawk tattoo machine is configured with a powerful DC Japanese-made motor that is fast, stable, and consistent in tattooing operation. Well, its working power is between 5 to 15v.

Plus, the Motor is quiet, works at minimum vibration, and does not heat up during long sessions. 

The powerful Motor also allows the artist to work faster, which can be an excellent option for speed wizards. 

Power Supply 

This rotary tattoo machine comes with a decent-quality power supply. The power box is designed to provide consistent and stable power to the pen.

This quality supply ensures that the needle moves smoothly and accurately during the tattoo operation. The power supply has an easy-to-use button to turn on and off the device.

Furthermore, there is a button to adjust the voltage easily. This allows for greater control over the power box so that the artist can achieve the desired results without hassle. 


The Dragonhawk Atom Pen is designed to be versatile in its use. It’s equally great for wide applications, including lining and shading, and also suitable for a wide range of tattoo ideas.

Dragonhawk Atom Rotary Pen
Source: eBay

This lightweight and easy-to-handle pen is compatible with various needles and cartridges. The pen has a 3.5mm adjustable stroke length. This makes the machine versatile and suitable for a wide range of tattoo styles. 

Overall, this makes it the best cost-effective tattoo machine for tattoos. Because of its versatile features, you can use the same machine for different types of tattoos instead of buying multiple machines. However, needle adjustment is unstable, and it does not fit tightly.

Battery Storage Capacity And Timing

According to the advertisement, the Dragonhawk Pen Kit has a 1050mAh battery capacity, which can take 4 hours to charge fully. And this can last for up to 6 hours of continuous use.

But this statement seemed partially true. For example, in our testing battery only lasted four and a half hours. 

However, a device’s battery life depends on the voltage being used. For example, if a higher voltage is used, the battery will be drained faster, resulting in shorter battery life. Conversely, the battery will last longer if a lower voltage is used. 

Competitive Analysis        

The Dragonhawk Atom Rotary Pen is a popular tattoo pen that offers precision, comfort, and versatility for professional artists. Here is a competitor analysis of Dragonhawk Atom Rotary Pen with four of its competitors.

FactorsDragonhawk Atom Rotary PenHawink wireless Rotary Tattoo MachineSolong Tattoo Pen KitMast Tour Wireless Rotary Tattoo Pen MachineCheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited Tattoo Machine
MaterialPolymerAluminum alloyCNC-Machined aircraft Aluminium alloySpace Aluminum frameAluminum
Power10W motorN/A  10W motorCustom powerful motor5W motor
Battery Storage 1050mAh1500mAh1500mAh1800mAhN/A
Wireless ModeApplicableApplicableApplicableApplicableApplicable
ErgonomicsErgonomic designErgonomic designErgonomic designErgonomic designErgonomic design
CompatibilityCompatible with most needle cartridgesCompatible with most needle cartridgesCompatible with most needle cartridgesCompatible with most needle cartridgesCompatible only with Cheyenne’s needle cartridges
CostCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

Should You Buy The Dragonhawk Atom Rotary Pen?

Dragonhawk Atom rotary pen without a doubt is a top-quality tattooing machine. And it comes with various decent features at an affordable price. Being a lightweight, smooth, and well-balanced design, this is great for beginners. 

With its adjustable 3.5mm stroke length, tattoo artists can achieve different styles of body artwork. The pen is also compatible with almost all needles and cartridges.

Furthermore, it offers a decent quality power box that works wonders to provide consistent and stable power. Powerful Motor also gives quiet, stable, and vibration-free performance without being heated up. Dragonhawk Atom Tattoo Pen voltage is also adjustable ranging from 6 to 11v. 

Besides this, it comes with a quality starter kit. It includes 50Pcs Cartridges Needles, ink, fake skin, transfer paper, ink cups, and other essential accessories. 

This kit makes the best tattoo machines for beginners to start their professional tattooing journey.

power supply of Dragonhawk Atom Rotary Pen

However, this machine also has some major issues. For example, needle adjustment is relatively tight. It means that the needle on the tattoo pen is not perfectly held in place and may move or shift during use.

This can make it difficult to achieve consistent and precise lines and increase the risk of needle deflection.

Another major problem with Dragonhawk Atom4 is its short battery timing. It does not offer a longer battery life than many other brands. 

These brands’ wireless machines last longer than 8 hours on continuous use. Also, this Dragonhawk rotary pen is not suitable for advanced levels of professional work, only good for beginners. 

Overall, Dragonhawk Atom Rotary Pen is a great machine that offers precision, comfort, and versatility for professional tattoo artists. Many tatto artists use this and reviewed it to be a nice experience. So, it is worth a try.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Tattoo Guns Do Artists Use?

Tattoo artists typically use two types of tattoo guns: rotary or coil. And both of them have different pros and cons. You can read more about coil tattoo guns vs. rotary here.

What Is The Best Setting For Tattoo Pen?

The best setting recommended is around 7.5 to 8.5 volts. They can go for a 4v to 12v range. However, if you’re lining the tattoo, you can increase the voltage to 9volts for better results.

Which Needle Is Smaller 25 Or 23?

A 25-gauge needle is smaller than a 23-gauge needle. This is because the higher gauge number indicates a smaller hole inside the needle.

What Is The Best Needle Size For Hand Tattoo Art?

The best needle size for particularly for stick and poke hand tattoos, is generally #12. It has a diameter of 0.35mm. This size provides a good balance between ink flow and control. 

For finer lines, you may also consider using #10 with a diameter of 0.30mm, which offers even finer control.


The Dragonhawk brand is a well-known and reputable brand in the tattoo industry. And their products, including tattoo guns, are generally considered to be of good quality. 

Dragonhawk Atom Rotary Pen review includes, it as an excellent tool for pro tattoo artists. It gives them accuracy, comfort, and flexibility. Also thanks to its lightweight, comfortable design and strong motor, this rotary tattoo machine is ideal for various uses.

Furthermore, this brand offers a range of products at the cheapest price. Tattoo artists can find a tattoo gun that fits their budget and needs if not the atom rotatory pen.

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