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8 Best Wireless Tattoo Machines in 2023 Review & Guide

Wireless tattoo machines are a game-changer for professional tattoo artists. Because these machines offer excellent battery performance and smooth power control.

And they’re also excellent in terms of portability and lightweight designs. Due to these features, wireless machines are perfect for tattoo artists on the go.

Furthermore, the best wireless tattoo machine is equally great for lining, shading, and all other tattooing work. The best option for those who want different varieties in their tattooing work.

Also, these wireless devices make the inking process easier and more comfortable. Because Wired devices with cords and cables make the movement quite difficult.

 However, not all wireless tattoo machines have similar features. An ideal device should have all the necessary specifications and features to meet your demands.

Therefore, my teammates and I tested and reviewed the 8 best wireless tattoo machines.

And this guide will highlight their features, pros, and cons. From long-lasting batteries and adjustable stroke lengths to compact and portable designs. My team covered everything. So keep reading. 

Top 3 Pick

Budget Pick

HAWINK Tattoo Machine

 Hawick Rotary Tattoo Machine

Editor Pick

Mast Archer

Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine

Overall Best

Ambition Soldier 

Ambition Soldier Rotary Tattoo Machine

8 Best Wireless Tattoo Machines Review

1 Dragonhawk 1013-10


Top Features

  • Aluminium frame 
  •  Powerful custom motor 
  • Advanced gear system
  •  6V–9V adjustable voltage
  • Lightweight  design
  • WJX brand needles
  • Quiet operation

Dragonhawk 1013-10 is the top wireless tattoo machine for artists looking for the best Rotary wireless Tattoo Machine. Although, wireless machines are quite difficult to handle for newbies.

But Dragonhawk 1013-10 is a well-balanced device that is highly comfortable for beginner tattoo artists to hold easily.

Because this tattoo machine is made with an Aluminum frame that offers maximum strength and stiffness at a low weight (just 120g). Practically, a perfect comfortable grip, but you’ve to buy extra tape for grasping.

And its lightweight design not only makes it an excellent portable device but also easy to hold steady. Additionally, it is easy to set up and start the tattooing process.

Dragonhawk 1013-10 pen machine

Furthermore, Dragonhawk has a highly reliable and strong rotary motor and gear system. And it does not create any noise, even at higher voltage levels. And the motor is also capable of working smoothly at different voltage levels from 6V to 9V.

But I noticed the device got heated up after 30 minutes. Moreover, it comes with a complete tattoo kit.

Dragonhawk 1013-10 pen machine review

Further, this Dragonhawk wireless Tattoo machine has no compatibility issues and is compatible with a wide variety of cartridge needles.

The affordable price makes it the best budget wireless tattoo machine for beginners. Even much lower than other top brands like Mast Archer and Ambition Soldier.

Final Verdict: Excellent portable machine with a lightweight design that comes with all essential features at an affordable price. 

Dragonhawk 1013-10Review

Reason to Buy:

  • Highly reliable motor
  • Affordable
  • Extremely portable
  • Best for beginners
  • Works quietly
  • Compatible with major needles
  • Adjustable Voltage
Dragonhawk 1013-10Review

Reason to Avoid:

  • Overheat problem with the motor
  • No LED display

2 Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine

Editor’s Choice

Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine

Top Features

  • LCD voltage screen
  •  Weight: 186g
  •  coreless motor
  •  No vibration
  • 2,000mAh battery
  • 8 hours battery life
  • Overcharge protection
  •  Type-c jack

Mast Archer has made a special position in the list due to the great features that an ideal wireless machine should have. It has an LED voltage screen, so you can easily see the voltage on the screen.

And also, voltage is more easily adjustable and controllable. But they need to improve the LED screen quality. It looks like there are some scratches on the screen (it is fair to say poor-fitted LED).  

Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine Unboxing and Review

Like Dragonhawk 1013-10, this tattoo tool has a durable and sturdy aluminium frame. Besides this, there is a CNC-carved shape of the frame. Well, the length of the Mast Archer is just 132mm, and its diameter is 32mm.

And weight is just 186g, which is more than Dragonhawk (a little bulky). But still, this machine is lightweight and convenient to use with comfortable gripping.  And it also comes with two extra grips, which you can use if it feels thick.

Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine extra grip

Let’s speak about its battery performance, which is amazing. It can last up to 6 to 8 hours with continuous use.

In other words, you can complete multiple tattooing sessions on a single charge with its 2,000mAh battery. But if you set the machine to more than V8, you’ll not get mentioned battery life. 

 Also, the battery is not replaceable, which will be a big problem. Suppose the battery is out of charge and you’re away from a power source, then the only option is to find the socket and charge it; there is no option for a backup battery.

However, you’ve not had to wait for a longer time to get a full charge because it has a Type-c port that provides fast charging.

Additionally, Mast Archer has a built-in protection system that prevents the battery from overcharging, heating, and short-circuiting. 

Moreover, Mast Archer comes with a 3.5mm stroke length, which makes it the best all-around tattoo machine for linking and shading. But, 4.0mm is the ideal stroke length for linking.

Plus, the exceptional Mast coreless motor in the Archer machine provides 10500rpm speed for stroking without creating disturbance and noise.

Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine review

Final Verdict: Mast Archer has all features that a wireless machine should have at a reasonable price.  

Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine Review

Reason to Buy:

  • Adjustable voltage
  • LED display
  • Built-in battery protection
  • Excellent battery life
  • Easy to set up
  • Reliable and fast motor
Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine Review

Reason to Avoid:

  • Poor fitted LED screen
  • The battery is not replaceable

3 Ambition Soldier Rotary Tattoo Machine 

Ambition Soldier Rotary Tattoo Machine 

Top Features

  •  Aluminium alloy frame
  • Weight:210g
  • Japan Corless Motor
  • 1950mAh Battery Capacity
  • Widely application
  • 10V – 9000RPM
  • Adjust output voltage
  • LED display

Ambition Soldier is the best professional tattoo machine with some great features. This machine uses Japan-made Corless Motor that seems strong, reliable, and powerful for a longer time.

Plus motor run smoothly even at 9000RPM speed on 10V. Voltage is also adjustable from 5V to 12V, but 6V to 8V is the best for excellent performance. 

In case to adjust the voltage, press the plus and minus buttons to increase or decrease the voltage.

However, its power bank does not allow it to go below 5v. And but mostly I like to work on 4V during colour packing, stippling, and shading because I like to go at a slower speed. But, for speed wizards, still a great choice. 

 Ambition Soldier Rotary Tattoo Machine

Furthermore, Ambition Soldier is packed 1950mAh lithium battery, which is excellent in performance that can last hours. Also, the battery’s performance depends on the voltage used; our testing lasted 10 hours on 9V. 

Also, the battery is replaceable, unlike Mast Archer, which has been fixed. But it is very heavy compared to other wireless machines, and the centre of gravity is also not centred. Not suitable for long working hours, as it can hurt the wrist. 

Ambition Soldier Rotary Tattoo Machine pen

In addition, a bright LED screen shows the current voltage, usage time, and battery life. Further, the needle stroke length is 4mm, best for lining and colour packing. 


Final Verdict: Ambition Soldier is the best wireless machine for a professional tattoo artist who needs more power and control. 

Ambition Soldier Rotary Tattoo Machine Review

Reason to Buy:

  • Long life span
  • Reliable motor
  • Excellent battery life
  • Best for Expert tattoo artist
  • Bright LED
Ambition Soldier Rotary Tattoo Machine Review

Reason to Avoid:

  • Bulky size
  • Difficult to hold for a longer time

Read our full review: Ambition Soldier Tattoo Machine Review

4  Hawick Rotary Tattoo Machine

 Hawick Rotary Tattoo Machine

Top Features

  • Wireless Plus  RCA Cord connection
  • Ergonomic & Lightweight design
  • 7-11V to Operating Voltage
  • 3.5mm Stroke length
  • Pen-style machine
  • High-quality motor
  • Adjust output voltage

If you’re on a tight budget and need a cheaper tattoo machine, this one will be the perfect option. Hawick Rotary Machine comes with all good essentials at a very affordable price.

And the price is much lower than all of the above, even though its cost is much lower than Dragonhawk 1013-10, which is the second cheapest on the list. 

The ergonomic, slim, and lightweight design is something special about this pen-style machine to create a new tattoo; perfect to hold for extended tattooing sessions easily.

Plus, it’s emulating the grip; it feels like you’re holding an actual pen, a smooth, lightweight, and comfortable experience. 

Hawick Rotary Tattoo Machine pen

Further, a portable battery is installed, and you can connect the rotary unit with a power source through an RCA cable instead of wireless mode. The battery is swappable, and its excellent battery life can last up to 5 hours. 

Like other tattooing devices, it also allows the setting of voltage speed at differing levels from 7V to 11V. But you can not set it below the 5V; not a good option if you work at a slow speed.  

Hawick Rotary Tattoo Machine Review

Final Verdict: Although it is not a premium quality wireless machine, it is still an excellent option for budget-conscious. A new to the tattooing world who needs a device with all essential features. 

 Hawick Rotary Tattoo Machine Review

Reason to Buy:

  • Highly affordable
  • Best for beginners
  • Nice gripping
  • 2-in-1 mode
  • Lightweight and slim design
Hawick Rotary Tattoo Machine

Reason to Avoid:

  • You can’t set voltage below the 5V

5 SAIKOYA Wireless Tattoo Machine

SAIKOYA Wireless Tattoo Machine

Top Features

  • Powerful motor 
  • Ergonomic & Lightweight
  •  Digital LCD for display
  • Stronger coreless motor
  • Max 12000 rpm motor speed
  • 5V-12V adjustable voltage
  • Lithium battery
  • 3.5mm stroke length

This rotary unit has almost the same features as Ambition Soldier and Mast Archer, like an LED display, advanced gear system, 12000 RPM speed, and longer battery life. But its price is much lower than both of these, almost half. 

SAIKOYA Wireless Machine is made with high-quality material such as CNC aluminium alloy. This material is highly reliable, durable, strong, and corrosion-resistant compared to pure aluminium. So you can expect this device to have a longer lifespan. 

Plus, it is formed in a lightweight design that is highly comfortable to hold for a longer time without hurting the wrist.

And also the perfect tattoo machine for lining and shading. But, the shape is a little bigger and not comfortable to hold with small hands. 

Furthermore, there is a digital LED screen for better display. With this display, you can see the current voltage being used and also the working time.

The motor is solid and durable, but its speed is special; it has 1200RPM on 12V, even higher than Mast Archer and Ambition Soldier.

On the battery side, SAIKOYA has the same battery storage capacity as Ambition Soldier, which can perform from 8 to 10 hours continuously with a single charge.

Also, the battery is swappable. Plus, the charger is rapid and fast in charging the battery. 

What is more, the stroke needle length is 3.5mm. And this medium stroke length is perfect and reliable for beginners. Also great for colour packing and shading. Overall, this is the best wireless rotary tattoo machine.

SAIKOYA Wireless Tattoo Machine review

Final Verdict: SAIKOYA is an excellent machine with premium features. Especially, it has a highly reliable and fast motor. Plus, great long battery life. 

SAIKOYA Wireless Tattoo Machine Review

Reason to Buy:

  • Affordable
  • Worth the money
  • Made with Strong and reliable material
  • Excellent battery performance
  • Longer lifespan
  • Lightweight design
  • Speedy rotating motor
SAIKOYA Wireless Tattoo Machine Review

Reason to Avoid:

  • Little bigger size
  • The advertisement says it has two modes, but it only comes wirelessly.

6 Dragonhawk Atom M4 Pen Machine

Dragonhawk Wireless Tattoo Kit

Top Features

  • Complete Tattoo Pen Kit
  • 20pcs cartridges needles
  • 12-year warranty
  • Beginners friendly
  • Stable and Long-lasting device
  •  6-8V; RPM: 10,000
  • 4 mm Stroke length

I recommended a Dragonhawk Atom M4 Pen Machine to one of my friends who was starting in this art world two months ago. Now, she has some ability to Improvise in tattooing work.

And I suggested this machine to my friends due to its beginner-friendly features. Like it is the best lightweight cordless tattoo machine for beginners. That has a complete kit that includes everything to get started with tattoo work.

Not only is it wireless, but also it does not need time to learn how to use it. It is simple to use, and you don’t have to be a pro at creating tattoos. Especially perfect for newbies, you just need to plug in the battery and start your work.

Also, the kit includes 20 pcs of cartridge needles, enough for practising on fake skin, which is also included in the kit. Along with that, it has a comfortable grip, which is easy to hold and will help you focus on tattoo creation.

20pcs cartridges needles

Furthermore, this device is made of an aluminium frame, so it is light in weight. Also, it includes a 4mm stroke length tattoo gun, made with an aluminium alloy carved frame that is highly reliable and long-lasting.

And this gun is pretty awesome for doing tattooing jobs like lining and shading. But, this is not great for doing some professional-level tattooing work.

What is more? There is a powerful and reliable motor installed. That operates at a minimum of vibrations and can run smoothly without being heated up for extended periods.

Additionally, motor performance is adjustable by setting the machine on different voltage levels from 6-8V.

However, it is not an excellent option for an experienced artist who likes to work at a fast speed. But overall, Dragonhawk Atom M4 Pen is the best tattoo machine for beginners.

Dragonhawk Atom M4 Pen Machine review

Final Verdict: Overall, the product is excellent for beginners; it is smooth and easy to use. Also, it is budget-friendly. The price of this machine is unbeatable. Despite being inexpensive, it works for more than 5 hours.

Dragonhawk Atom M4 Pen Machine Review

Reason to Buy:

  • Comes with a complete kit
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Travel-friendly
  • Easy to get started
  • Comfortable gripping
  • Perfect for the artist who likes to work on low speed
  • Affordable
Dragonhawk Atom M4 Pen Machine Review

Reason to Avoid:

  • The needle is wobbly
  • The battery does not last long
  • Not suitable for professional tattoo artists

Read the full review: Dragonhawk Atom rotary pen review 

7 Mast Lancer Pen Machine

Mast Lancer Tattoo Pen Machine

Top Features

  • Two batteries with  8-12 hours of timing
  •  LED screen
  • 1900mAh  battery capacity
  • Custom Motor with 10500rpm speed
  • Wide Applications
  • 12V max adjustable voltage
  •  Fast charge 
  • Built-in battery protection

Mast Lancer is an excellent choice for tattoo artists looking for professional wireless machines. This tattoo device comes with a reliable and powerful custom coreless motor that operates smoothly without noise and vibration.

At the same time, the coreless motor does not require maintenance. So you can use it for a longer time without any maintenance headaches.

Furthermore, Mast Lancer includes a versatile pen that is compatible with all sizes of cartridge needles. Additionally, the pen has an excellent grip that is easy to hold for a longer time. And this makes it perfect for beginners who don’t have much experience holding a pen.

mast lancer tattoo wireless machine

Plus, it also works softly and smoothly on the skin to transfer ink. As result, it will make the healing process quicker and more effective.

What is more? There is an LED display screen, so you can easily see the screen’s voltage and remaining battery life.

display screen of mast lancer.webp

Let’s speak about battery performance, which is excellent in terms of performance. And it comes with two 1900mAh rechargeable batteries, which are easy to charge with faster-charging capability.

mast lancer battery performance

And it lasts up to 8 hours on continuous use without being heated up. Plus, the battery has built-in protection against overcharging and sudden power failure like short-circuiting.

Mast Lancer Pen Machine review

Overall, the Mast Lancer wireless tattoo pen is an excellent purchase, with all the quality features and price. On the design and size side, it is travel-friendly and can last up to 8-12 hours.

Mast Lancer Pen Machine Review

Reason to Buy:

  • 2 Long battery life
  • Extremely Portable device
  • Water-resistant
  • Built-in battery protection
  • Versatile PEN
  • Best for beginners
Mast Lancer Pen Machine Review

Reason to Avoid:

  • Speed might slow down

Read our full review: Mast Lancer Tattoo machine review

8 Solong Cartridge Tattoo

Best Wireless Tattoo Machines

Top Features

  • Made with aircraft Aluminum alloy
  • Strong and stable motor
  • Multi-purpose machine
  • 1500mAH Battery Capacity
  •  Compatible with all other brands
  • 7-11V Adjust the output voltage
  • 3.5 mm Stroke length
  • 1-year warranty

It is not surprising that some people still want a tattoo device with all essential features at an affordable price.

And if you’re on the same page, then a Solong rotary machine is what they should buy. Because it is the second cheapest machine on the list after Hawick Rotary Tattoo Machine.

Being affordable, Solong Cartridge Tattoo has many premium features. And these include a lightweight design, powerful motor, adjustable voltage, extended battery performance, and more.

On the usage side, this machine is versatile, and you can perform several other operations besides tattooing work like makeup and eyebrows. Plus, its pen is easy to hold, like you’re holding an actual pen.

And it supports a 3.5mm stroke length, considered perfect and reliable for lining and shading. Additionally, the pen is compatible with all brands’ needles.

 Solong Cartridge Tattoo pen

Furthermore, a reliable and high-performer motor is installed that works smoothly for a long time without creating vibration and noise.

In addition, the voltage is adjustable from 7v to 11v. However, never run a machine with more than 11 voltage; otherwise, it gets hot during running.

No doubt, this device is highly reliable, but its battery seems loose in performance, and I experienced it randomly stopping working.

Solong Cartridge Tattoo has some essential premium features that are not available in other cheap wireless machines. Additionally, this device is perfect for multi-purpose usage.

Best Wireless Tattoo Machine – Buying Guide

Looking at these essential things before buying Wireless Tattooing Device would be best. 

Battery Performance 

One of the main reasons for investing in Wireless machines is to be able to use a device without depending on a power socket. This makes the battery a vital component of the machine.

You don’t want a battery that runs out of charge quickly. Regardless of battery quality, also some factors drain it so quickly, like setting the machine on high voltage. 

There are a few factors that you should look at regarding battery performance:


This is most important; it means what the average timing of the battery on continuous use is. And it should last at least 5 hours on a single charge; some machines like Ambition Soldier, Mast Archer, and SAIKOYA have longer battery life, which can last from 6 to 10 hours. 

Replaceable Feature:

It means the machine should have a swappable battery, which means it should not have a fixed one.

Because if the tool has a fixed battery, you can not use an extra or backup battery to keep your work going. In such a case, the only solution is to find a power source and charge the battery. 

But if you frequently use the machine outside (away from the electric outlet), then always go with a machine that has a replaceable battery option.

Further, some devices have two modes: they work with and without a battery (through an RCA cable).

Fast Charging:

 This means how fast the battery will fully charge. Most wireless machines come with a Type-c jack, which provides much faster charging than standard charging technology.

But not all USB-Cs have high Power Delivery capability, so always look at whether USB-C supports fast charging or not. 

Size and Weight :

The lightweight machine is easy to hold for an extended period compared to its bulky counterpart. And also easy to move where you go, which is best for those who are regularly on the move.

So before buying must look overall weight and size of the machine, whether it is comfortable to hold in your hand without hurting the wrist and easy to move around your workplace. 

Stroke Length:

Most wireless machines have 3.5mm and 4 mm stroke lengths. And 3.5mm is a medium stroke length, perfect for beginners and the best for colour packing and blending.

At the same time, 4mm has an excellent stroke length that provides enough momentum for ink. However, it depends on you which is suitable for you. 

What is an excellent wireless tattoo gun for beginners?

If you’re a beginner, JAVELIN is the best kit with a 3.5mm stroke length, perfect for linking, shading, and binding.

Also, it is compatible with most needle cartridges. So, overall, JAVELIN is an excellent wireless tattoo gun.

What wattage should I tattoo at?

Most Wireless machines provide complete control to adjust the voltage. That means you can adjust the device on different voltages from 4V to 12, depending upon requirements.

However, 7V to 9V is suitable for linking, and 8V to 10V is excellent for shading. 

What wireless tattoo machine should I get as a beginner?

Dragonhawk 1013-10 is a well-balanced Rotary tattoo machine, perfect for beginners.
Because this device has a lightweight Aluminum frame, it is easy to hold steadily and has an ideal griping hold for beginners. 

Which affordable dragonhawk machine is the best?

Dragonhawk 1013-10 is the best affordable machine with all essential features.  

What’s better, rotary or coil tattoo machines?

Both of these machines have different features, excellent for tattooing work. Wireless rotary tattoo machines are unique in portability and have a lightweight design – easy to hold for longer tattooing sessions. Further, they have good motion control. 

While coil tattoo machines are great for lining and shading. Additionally, these machines have stable speed and control and strong motors, perfect for needle grouping. Further, coil tattoo machines are easy to repair and have a strong build quality.

How many tattoo machines do you need?

It depends on your overall setup, but you should have at least three tattoo machines as a tattoo artist. 

Do Tattoo artists still use coil machines?

Yes, still coil machines are most common among tattoo artists. 

Why Are Wireless Machines Best?

The wireless device has clear-cut advantages regarding Wireless tattoo machines vs wired. Like they’re lightweight, efficient, flexible, and do not create any noise during tattooing operation.

Along with these benefits, their one main advantage is their unrestricted movement; you can move them at 360 degrees.

But, these tattooing models are pretty expensive. However, the benefits come with a cost. 


Many tattoo artists are switching from wired to wireless tattoo machines. Because these devices are excellent in terms of portability and have some other great benefits, like they’re flexible, lightweight, efficient, and have excellent battery performance.

But there are so many different models in the market; therefore, it is hard to choose the perfect one. However, I hope this list helps you to find the best wireless tattoo machine

Dragonhawk 1013-10 are Hawick Rotary are two great examples of affordable tattooing machines. Both come with essential features like a lightweight design and excellent gripping.

While Mast Archer, SAIKOYA, and Hawick have excellent battery life. Additionally, they’ve some other great features like LED display, adjustable voltage, highly reliable motor, best performer stroke length, and smooth and lightweight design.

Ultimately, it depends on you which is perfect to meet your needs. 

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