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Lubriderm vs Aquaphor: Which One is Right for You?

When it comes to choosing a moisturizer after a new tattoo, there are many options to consider. Two popular choices are the Lubriderm lotion and the Aquaphor ointment. Both are great options.

So, between Lubriderm vs Aquaphor, which is the better option?

Lubriderm is better than Aquaphor in terms of affordability, scent and consistency. Aquaphor is better in terms of absorption rate and protection from moisture. Neither Aquaphor, nor Lubriderm, however, can be used as a replacement of the other. Aquaphor should be applied to the tattoo for the first 3 days, Lubriderm should be used after the first three days.

In this comparison, we will take a closer look at Lubriderm  and Aquaphor. This will help you  make an informed decision when choosing the right product.

Lubriderm Vs Aquaphor: A Quick Comparison

In this section I will briefly compare the two. In subsequent sections I will give a more detailed comparison of Lubriderm and Aquaphor.

Product typeLotionOintment
Key ingredientsWater, Mineral Oil, Glycerin, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cetyl AlcoholPetrolatum
Secondary IngredientsPhenoxyethanol, Panthenol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Dimethicone, Carbomer, Ceteareth-20, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Citrate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Citric Acid, EthylparabenMineral Oil, Ceresin, Lanolin Alcohol, Panthenol, Glycerin, Bisabolol
Recommended useApply once dailyApply once a day
Duration of ApplicationForever after initial 3 daysInitial 3 days
ScentUnscentedMild petrolatum smell
Consistency Thinner Thicker 
Usage After first 3 days of getting a tattooRecommended for use on new tattoos
Price$8 for a 24 fl. oz bottle$11.5 for a  7 oz pack

Do you still have questions about Lubriderm Vs Aquaphor? In the next section I will discuss the two in depth. 

Lubriderm Vs Aquaphor: An In-depth Comparison

difference between aquaphor and lubriderm

This section will discuss the differences between Lubriderm and Aquaphor in detail.

Product type:

Lubriderm is a lotion, while Aquaphor is an ointment. This means Lubiderm has mostly water, whereas Aquaphor contains mostly oil. For this reason Aquaphor tends to get less absorbed by the skin than Lubriderm. So you can expect Aquaphor to protect your skin better from loss of moisture. 

Key ingredients:

The key ingredient for Aquaphor is Petrolatum, while for Lubriderm it is water, Mineral Oil, Glycerin, Capric Triglyceride and Cetyl Alcohol. Both Aquaphor and Lubriderm, however, are specially formulated to hydrate your skin and protect from moisture loss.

Recommended use:

Both Aquaphor and Lubriderm are required to be applied only once a day. Lubriderm, once applied, can hydrate your skin for 24 hours. Aquaphor, too, can protect your skin from dryness throughout the day. But due to the lower absorption rate of Aquaphor you can expect it to last longer than Lubriderm in practice. Continue applying Aquaphor on the tattoo.

Duration of Application:

Aquaphor should be applied the first 2 to 3 days after getting a tattoo. Lubriderm, in contrast, can be applied after 2 to 3 days from getting the tattoo. But if you decide to continue using aquaderm longer than 3 days there shouldn’t be any problem. You should also take some special precautions when bathing after the tattoo.


Both Aquaphor ointment and Lubriderm lotion come without any added fragrance. But the petrolatum in Aquaphor may have a mild odor. After getting a tattoo you should avoid moisturizing products imbued heavily with fragrance.


Aquaphor is thicker than Lubriderm in comparison. Aquaphor is an ointment and so it primarily consists of oil. Lubriderm also has oil, but is a bit thinner than Aquaphor as it also contains water. For this reason Aquaphor may feel a bit greasy and discomforting to you.


Lubriderm is used to moisturize skin in general, while Aquaphor is used to prevent dryness after getting a new tattoo. Aquaphor is better than Lubriderm in preventing moisture loss as it is an ointment. So Aquaphor is used for the initial 2 to 3 days after tattooing. 

Lubriderm lotion should be applied on the tattoo after initial 2 to 3 days for as long as possible. It helps protect the tattoo and makes it look better. Even after using Aquaphor you may see some changes such as yellowness of the skin. Continue applying Aquaphor and go to a dermatologist if the yellowness persists.


A 7 oz pack of Aquaphor costs $11.5, while you can get a 24 oz bottle of Lubriderm lotion for just $8. Lubriderm is considerably cheaper than Aquaphor ointment for the same net weight.

So, Which is Better: Lubriderm Or Aquaphor?

Aquaphor is better for use than Lubriderm for the first two to three days after getting a tattoo. Lubriderm, on the other hand, is better than Aquaphor for usage after the initial 2 to 3 days of getting the tattoo. Lubriderm is also more affordable than Aquaphor. 

But Aquaphor has slower absorption rate and can prevent dryness for a longer period of time. Lubriderm, however, has no odor unlike the mild petroleum odor of Aquaphor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I put Vaseline on my tattoo instead of Aquaphor?

No, you should not put vaseline on your tattoo instead of Aquaphor. This is because vaseline completely blocks the tattoo area from air. Air circulation helps heal wounds created when tattooing. So, always use Aquaphor instead of vaseline on the initial two to three days of getting a tattoo. 

Is Aloe Vera OK for tattoos?

Yes, aloe vera is okay for usage on the tattoo area. Aloe vera helps protect the wound and feels soothing. Aloe vera can also reduce irritation and discomfort around the tattoo. Moreover, aloe vera can hydrate and prevent dryness while also letting air pass on the wound for healing.

Is Aquaphor good for under eyes?

Yes, Aquaphor is good for being used under the eyes, according to dermatologists. Aquaphor can help moisturize the skin underneath the eyes. It is also non irritating. Apply a little bit of Aquaphor over your eye at night for good results.


Now you know about Lubriderm Vs Aquaphor. The two products are very different but both are quite good at hydrating the skin. Keeping your skin hydrated after getting a tattoo is very important. Otherwise the part of the skin on which the tattoo has been drawn can get very dry over time. The skin could also bleed due to dryness.

So, always ensure that your skin is moisturized after getting a new tattoo. That is all for today. Thank you and goodbye!

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