How Long to Use Aquaphor on Tattoo

How Long to Use Aquaphor on Tattoo?

An Aquaphor helps keep your tattoo hydrated. And also it helps in the healing process of your ink design.

But it doesn’t mean you should keep applying it to your tattoo for the rest of your life. This ointment is beneficial for a limited time only.

So, you must be aware of its use period. And you should avoid using this moisturizer for a long time because it can cause problems.

Therefore, many people want to know how long it takes to use an Aquaphor on a tattoo. So, this article will explain when and for how long you should leave this ointment on fresh ink.

How Long to Use Aquaphor on Tattoo

You may get different suggestions to apply Aquaphor from artists. Generally, it is better to use Aquaphor 2 to 3 times a day for four days on a freshly done tattoo to get the best results.

Why is Aquaphor Used on Tattoos?

A newly done tattoo can be easily infected and take time to heal. The poking of your skin by a tattoo artist causes the opening of skin pores that are easily susceptible to infections. And this moisturizer protects the wound because it is anti-inflammatory.

Moisturizing is necessary that help to heal a tattoo. Aquaphor acts as a moisturizer and promotes the rapid healing of the body art more than an ordinary lotion.

Therefore, use Aquaphor 2 to 3 times a day for four days. In addition, Aquaphor also prevents scab formation that damages your ink design.

How Much Aquaphor Should You Use?

After removing the bandage, wash your tattoo gently. Then apply some amount of Aquaphor on it. The thin layer will allow air to flow and promote the healing process quick. In contrast, a very thick layer of this moisturizer will block the air. 

This blocking will cause slow healing of the wound. Apply an Aquaphor to the tattoo area gently. After it, you have to wait until it is absorbed fully into the skin.

When Should We Use Lotion Instead of Aquaphor?

Knowing how long an Aquaphor should be used on the wounded area is necessary. Well, it depends on how fast your tattoo is healing.

The healing can take a few days or many weeks, it totally depends on aftercare of your tattoo. Usually, you have to apply this Petroleum jelly for only four days after getting a new tattoo

After that, you should apply lotion because it can spread and keep your skin moist. But you have to be cautious when choosing a lotion for your tattoo.

Try to choose an unscented lotion. The unscented lotion is typically alcohol-free and works best for body art.

What Are the Advantages of Using Aquaphor on Tattoos?

Tattoo artists recommend using this Petroleum jelly because it has several advantages. The most important are:

Prevention of tissue damage

Newly done tattoos have to deal with excessive ink, blood, or fluid flow. This fluid can cause dryness in the skin. Aquaphor can help to moisturize the skin and prevent crusting around tattoos.

Reduce the Risk of Infection

An infection can occur in your tattoo due to microorganisms or bacteria. The bacteria can attack the wound and infect it. Aquaphor is anti-inflammatory, protecting the tattoo and reducing the risk of infection.

Prevents Irritation

The needles and ink used during tattooing can cause frequent itching on the skin. This ointment can soothe your skin and make it less itchy.

Final Thoughts

Aquaphor is ideal for speeding up tattoo healing and keeping skin moist. However, use it for only a few days, and when you realize that your tattoo is healing, apply lotion.

 Always use a small amount of this ointment on your tattoo to keep your wound airy. The use of excessive may slow down the process of healing. So use a thin layer of Aquaphor for almost four days after getting a tattoo.

How often should I apply Aquaphor to a new tattoo?

Aquaphor may be removed on tattoo while washing or doing other work. Therefore, we suggest using an Aquaphor three times a day for nearly four days after getting a tattoo.

How many times do you moisturize your new tattoo?

A new tattoo takes time to heal. Generally, moisturizing your ink design three times a day is enough. The healing might take several weeks and depends on proper aftercare.

Can I use Aquaphor the whole time my tattoo is healing?

No, you cannot use an Aquaphor the whole time. Generally, it is used for the initial four days.
When you see that tattoo is healing properly, you should stop its further use. After four days, use a lotion instead of an Aquaphor.

What happens if you use an Aquaphor on a tattoo for too long? 

Aquaphor only uses it for a short time. These petroleum products can drag tattoo ink from the skin. So prolonged use of it can damage the tattoo.

When can I stop putting ointment on my tattoo?

It usually takes 3–4 weeks to heal a tattoo. Make sure to apply tattoo ointment initially for three weeks, and when your body art heals, you can stop using it.

When my tattoo starts peeling, should I stop using Aquaphor?

Most tattoos start to peel after one week. When you see small scabs on your tattoo, stop using Aquaphor and try an unscented lotion to keep your skin moist.

Should I let my tattoo dry out and peel?

If your tattoo is peeling naturally, then it’s normal. Avoid peeling the tattoo and keep it dry for at least three weeks.

Does Aquaphor pull out tattoo ink?

Using an Aquaphor for a long time can damage the tattoo because it contains petroleum ingredients that can take away the tattoo ink and may cause early fading.

What is better for tattoos, Vaseline or Aquaphor?

Aquaphor is recommended for use on a fresh tattoo due to its hydrating properties. Vaseline can stop airflow. Keeping ink design dry is necessary for healing.

Does Aquaphor fade tattoos?

A tattoo fades due to the wrong placement of ink or if the body art is done incorrectly. Aquaphor, as such, does not have a prominent role in tattoo fading.

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